Why, hello! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a wife, writer and fashion consultant. I’m also Italian. But I lived most of my life in London, Paris, Hong Kong and New York, so really I’m a terrible Italian, the sort that will drink a cappucino in the afternoon, occasionally says ‘panini’ (rather than the correct singular, ‘panino’) and puts Parmisan cheese on my spaghetti alio olio. To my defence, when I drive I swear like a sailor in italian and park on sidewalks with reckless abandon, so maybe they’ll let me keep the passport… 

About a year or so, I decided to put aside the  fashion stuff and embrace wifeing full time. And why not, spoil my wonderful husbandito a little. In the process, I learned all sorts of interesting stuff. Like, who knew the kitchen was for cooking and not just plating the Ottolenghi take-away? That the reason the Dyson isn’t working is you’re supposed to empty the filter. The reason the fridge is constantly empty? Newsflash – it’s not self-replenishing; you need to hit the grocery store. Like, every other day. And that little flashing red light on the washing machine – guess what, it’s trying to tell you something.

But wait, there’s more. I learned how to hand wash silk and cashmere.  I became proficient in thank you card writing (thank you Mount Street Stationers!), and discovered the trick of how to keep flowers alive for longer. I mastered the art of bomb dinner pardee, wine pairings and the how to keep the conversation afloat when suddenly your guests discover they will not, in fact, back the same candidates in the upcoming General Election. And I got very, very good at re-decorating the house (shout out to the kind people at The Conran Store for indulging my weekly inspo slash drool sessions).

I started this blog to share my stories.





Alongside wifeing, I work with small to medium sized fashion businesses to help them grow, by opening up distribution in new markets. I also write about fashion commerce – and the kinds of challenges that emerging brands face, across Brand + Commercial, my other blog, as well as other industry publications.

These are just some of the pieces I’ve had published: